Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Jittery time bomb ticking on a Tuesday rush; Umbrella hassle and urban affairs brewing all sorts of fuss. Limping my way, squinting my way through a long list of errands, I despise; Experience cab drivers’ deception, dodging co-worker’s prying eyes. Sly smile to cloak the exhaustion and the nervous thumping of a heart I’m failing […]

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Evangelical Zeal 

Heaven paved an obstacle-filled road; perpetuating a dire fig. sAds me to journey in solitude, devoid from sweet symphonies of Edvard Grieg. dePrived of a companion and only sullenness loom above this rusty rig. cooPed up in a wrinkled sheet in my paradoxical sleep, agonY shackled me, falling helplessly into the deep. BlackBerry phone played […]

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  Crappy. Not an avant-garde. It doesn’t break monotony. Mediocre. It is something everybody knows and everybody does.  You dove in heart first. It’s your fault. Don’t blame her for tearing the shit out of you. You fucked. So stop being so wholesome. The joy, think of the joy. Don’t dread! Don’t die.  It’s Friday! Don’t think […]


At First Sight

  She’ll take your breath away at first sight. She’ll make you stop and stare at first sight. She’ll make your heart skip a beat at first sight. Her smile will melt you inside at first sight. You’ll say she’s perfect at first sight. You’ll miss her and you wouldn’t know why at first sight. She’ll […]

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Like A Weekend Treat

Click the first letter of each line.  Just like that! In a span of thirty days, My heart is broken once again.   I never expected to hear you say what you said last night. The truth is, I really thought we had something.   How dare you Uninvitingly enter my life, Reach out through […]

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You didn’t break my heart. I broke my heart. And it doesn’t even matter whose heart breaks, what matters is whose heart was genuinely happy in the end. 
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