Two Cents Worth of Wisdom

Maybe it doesn’t really matter who gets hurt in the process of leaving. Maybe what matters most is knowing that you were happy, you felt loved, and you were sincere in the course of that fleeting emotional affair. What if this is the only way you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction over that relationship you wish could have lasted longer? Sometimes, I feel like it shouldn’t all be about looking back and lamenting over the things that you have lost. Sometimes, I feel like it should also be about  being greatful that you once have what you had—HIM. The sweet begginings, the moments he made you smile, the moments you were together, the moments when you realize that you’re starting to fall for him and the moments when you finally admit to yourself that you’re in love with him. Perhaps in the end, it’s not just about those moments you bitterly recall that made you feel alive; perhaps it the ends, it’s also about hope. The hope of falling in love again, starting something new and fresh again, getting to know someone better and the hope that this time it might just work out.

Although there may be different ways to say goodbye; I think that no matter how you go about it, nothing about goodbye is easy. But in spite of the pain that you have to deal with in the days to come, the reality that you try to deny and the many numbing-activities you do to chase away that lingering feeling that hurts so bad or how many times you try to make yourself believe that he’s not worth it by trash talking your pain away, can you really say that you regret having met this person? Will you actually mean it when you do? Andbutso how can you repel something that tested your limits, something that made you fearless, something that gave you an experience of a lifetime?

You may lash out and say he wasted your time because you invested so much effort on getting to know him. But wait, what’s the point of getting to know someone anyway? You know, I think there’s some misconception about this idea. We always assume that once the person starts to get to know us, it inclines us to believe that this person will pursue romantic relationship with us and when he stop, we draw a conclusion that he only toyed with us. You see, the point of getting-to-know is to just actually GET TO KNOW the person, and this doesn’t give you an assurance that he’ll court you.

Sad. I know. But if you want to save yourself from further disappoints, I think that, once you start hanging out with a person—no matter how caring he is and no matter how sweet he may sound—never assume not unless he profess he has feelings for you.

You don’t want to mope around and pick apart the universe, yourself, or find someone to blame when things don’t work out, do you? I believe in my heart that just ’cause something didn’t work out (now), it will never work out in the future. But sometimes, some things aren’t really meant to work; and even then, we still have to be thankful; for this is how we realize what we really want, this is how we know what’s important to us, this is how we know what works for us, this is how we know who really matters in the end—but nothing ever really ends, we just move on…

and learn.

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