When She Starts To Notice

It’s not a childhood crush, its more, it has depth.

She likes the way you pay close attention—or as cliché as it may sound, the way you look at her like there’s no one else in the room.

She likes how you react to the things she does. The way your voice change when you talk to her, your eagerness to know her and the mystery that she tries to hide in her eyes.

She notice the way you fix your hair and tuck them behind your ear or how you rub your cheeks and the way you cover your left eye with your left hand as you laugh at her stories.

She notice the first time you try to contain a smile and hide your blushing face and look away when you were both alone inside a cab. She remembered how your ice cold hand feel in her hand.

She notice how you easily make her laugh. The way you playfully tease her and pull apologetically away when she gives you a pouty face when she no longer like the banter.

She likes the way you remember the little things that interest her.

She likes the places you choose to take her and how you seem to know what she need even before she ask—like bringing her a glass of water when you think she’s thirsty, or when you brought her to the nearest drugstore to buy her medicine for her allergy, how you open doors for her, how you seem to be a little protective, or how you move to the corner so she can move away from that random guy who sat beside her.

She notice and likes the feel of your stare from across the room.

She likes your willingness to meet the people that she cares about.

She likes how you treat her with gentleness that she never thought you have in you.

She likes how her heart flutters when you gave her that an unexpected gift as if a remembrance of a time well-spent.

She notice how patient you are with her and how you make her feel like a prize and not just some project.

And for the first time she felt attracted to the things you do—your presence, your silence and even your talent. She notice and appreciates those little things you do because no one has ever made her presence this important. So know this, because of that she’ll value you like no other.

Thank you.

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