Constant Conversations

Have you ever stayed out late with someone for the first time after a long time—just talking? And then you go home spellbound thinking, “This is it! He’s the one!”, but after six months of constant conversations, it will suddenly end like one of those abbreviated relationships you try to avoid.

You’ll find yourself dwell on those times you heard yourself praise him in front of your friends saying, “he’s different and interesting—unlike those other guys.” and since you pride yourself for being so good at taking things in control, you’ll gamble against the odds thinking you’ll win a relationship with him. You’ll open up to him and you’ll let your guard down.

"This is how you gave him the opportunity to break your heart."

He’ll constantly excite you and it will cause you to stumble upon a boy-code you’ll find difficult to crack. You’ll find it intersting that he challenges you and it will keep you on your toes. Though you’re afraid you might make the wrong move and trip, you’ll allow yourself to keep tripping because you thought it was fun.

"He is a paradox and he doesn’t bore you"

You will like the excitement of expecting the unexpected from him every day. The joy of hearing him say or do things that just seems to be so out of his character—and you will assume that it’s all because of you. You will enjoy the mystery of unknowing and being raptured in unraveling him. Yes! He’s different. Too different that he’s impossible to be labeled; neither a player nor a gallant. You will find his mysteriousness sexy and you’ll lust for it. But the more you want to find out, the more he’ll distance himself. Until eventually you’ll grow tired of that tedious chase and his fickle heart.

"This how your fancies will shamefully break your heart."

You’ll tell yourself that it’s okay to cry, and you try to wring tears out of your eyes but the impact of that sickening post you will see in his social-media will make it impossible to do so. Your sense of clarity will falter as relief and hurt will swim through your senses; relief will make you stop  wasting your time on him, but the twinge of hurt will linger as you dolefully tell yourself,

"We could have been perfect for each other."

Have you ever stayed up late with someone for the first time after a long time—just talking? And then you go to bed realizing, “That’s it, I don’t think he’s the one.”

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