Everything Gets Better in Time: An Open Letter to My Friend Gaby

I love you.

This love, I believe, may not equal to that kind of love you had with Mr. Bluejacket, and our everyday chikka may not be as intense as those fun and *cough cough* convo you two shared every night; but I hope, WE (your friends) hope that this love will be enough to help you get through this tough time. We got you, Gab. WE GOT THIS! We’ve all been there, dearest. I HAVE BEEN THERE and YOU yourself had been there and punyeta it hurts as f*ck! But when you feel like giving up, just look back to where Eight Years led you. See? It made you stronger, Miss Plump Cheeks.

Right now, I know everything around you seem absurd—you try be logical about the break up but you couldn’t find the right words to help you articulate the disappointments, frustrations, and hurt you have inside of you. You’ll have mental arguments with yourself, like, whether or not it’s okay to forget him, you’ll also try to consider keeping the communication and stay as friends, or maybe you’ll try to be more positive by telling yourself you have shared best memories with this person regardless of how much of a douchebag he had been.

I know it will be confusing and I know you’ll spend the next few days or even months enumerating all the it-could-have-been that you could muster and still fail miserably in pinpointing why it didn’t work out—relax! Some good things aren’t just meant to be, okay? We meet people, some of them will make us fall head over heels for them, some of them will make us think “they’re the one”, but the best kind of people we’ll meet are the ones who will teach us lesson we never thought we needed—and sometimes we will learn it the hard way.

If you cry and if you want someone to talk to, I’m here. Even if you want to talk about it over-and-over again, I’ll still be here. I believe we move on better if stay true to ourselves and our feelings, we move on better if we go through the process of grief without shortcuts. I know this weekend will make you wallow in your own sadness, I know tonight and the following nights you’ll cry yourself to sleep, I know you’ll wake up longing for that “Good Morning” message, but I want to assure you that it’s okay, its normal to feel that way and everything will be alright.

Just be thankful you got a decent goodbye because some of us are deprived of that closure. Hold on to that beautiful messages. And hold on to this,

Everything gets better in time.

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