Evangelical Zeal 

Heaven paved an obstacle-filled road; perpetuating a dire fig.

sAds me to journey in solitude, devoid from sweet symphonies of Edvard Grieg.

dePrived of a companion and only sullenness loom above this rusty rig.

cooPed up in a wrinkled sheet in my paradoxical sleep,

agonY shackled me, falling helplessly into the deep.

BlackBerry phone played Aron Wright’s Song for the Waiting as I weep.

grody mIsty night got me like those hippies boozing with reefer stained tongue;

A clusteR of stars crowned my head with a haze in my lung;

like a hex That imprisoned me in a labyrinth of misery in a forcible flung.

I’m a bewitcHed traveler caught in a limbo pining for a squire to rescue me;

been endureDing unrequited and abbreviated love story;

You came and sAved me through your music and poetry.

Inly, consume bY the juxtaposition of hope and love; for the first time I felt unfazed.

My heart like a DJembe mounted ferocious beating in a banal way like a craze;

I’m holding back fIve-octave vocal range of amorous tremor when we’re face to face.

and by some fate we Met and we keep meeting, my heart flutters, filled with love;

I fail to make my pulSe go slow, you make me feel so high, higher than the joint I blow.

your words are all heArtfelt, it makes my insides soft like marshmallows I melt.

how our eyes locked miLdly into each other, your gaze, I savor.

the pang of genuine pleAsure of knowing is making me wink happy thoughts in paper.

This weird Evangelical Zeal I feel, the hope that rouse makes me a believer in“forever”.

cue in the Aeolian harp thAt plays in my heart as I say,

this is how you are RemembeRed, so I beg of you to stay.

On a rainy July of 2015, an early birthday acrostic poetry was made especially for, Jimbug.  To one of the most hopeless romantic friend who’s celebrating his Birthday today, this one’s for you. Happy Birthday, Fido. I wish you’ll finally meet your one true love.

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