Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Jittery time bomb ticking on a Tuesday rush;

Umbrella hassle and urban affairs brewing all sorts of fuss.

Limping my way, squinting my way through a long list of errands, I despise;

Experience cab drivers’ deception, dodging co-worker’s prying eyes.

Sly smile to cloak the exhaustion and the nervous thumping of a heart I’m failing to stabilize.  

Is it okay to fall quick? to say “yes”, to look forward, to look at you, to touch, to feel?

Vulnerable to your kiss—that one heart-stopping moment when my resistance melted and I gave in;

Exposing things to you, do things with you and marvel together;

Seizing the sunrise, taking chances, holding hands and savoring every minute of it with you.  

Making your lips meet mine, allowing your hands to explore an unfamiliar territory;

Admiring you, going down on you and on top of you, clasping, grinding, panting, mouthing… more.

Reaching out, pulling close, throwing clothes, jagged breath that followed sweeping me away;

In the heat of a beautiful moment and in a moment of waking confusion, you were there holding me.

On and on, gasping wildly for air; wanting you a lot more than I let myself believe.

No reason to be afraid but no reason to go on. Wait. Pull over. Stop. I have to leave. I have to go back.  

Don’t look back and don’t try to miss me.

Escape post-love blues. Let me turn around before I hit a steep bump that will throw me off balance.

My God! but aren’t you something else? You make my insides soft like marshmallows.

After this, sadly, I have to shelf these memories or stash it away somewhere.

And halfway through this final goodbye, I wish I could disappear before you do.

Leaving “US” in those places we went to.

An adventure. You are an adventure. Damnit! and I loved it.


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