When “Soon” feels so distant.

Waiting is hoping. And I’m not sure if I like the wait but I sure like to hope.

Not seeing you makes “us” surreal, like, you’re just a fictional character from a make-believe love story I plot in my head. And now, what seem like the closest thing I have from realty is reading through our old convos again and again (Yep. You’re real indeed). Those “I miss you (with sad face)” messages you sent me are the ones that tells me that I’m not alone with this and that maybe it’s hard or even harder for you—to not see each other and you (WE) can’t do anything about it because we have our own busy schedule and the situation does not always permit.

Sometimes, I would create scenarios and “what if’s” in my head like, what if you show up unexpected and what if you postpone one of your engagements/meetings/rehearsal or whatever it is that always occupy your schedule or what if you go to my house at midnight to sneak an hour or two of night-drive to our little getaway spot and watch the moon, or what if you wait for me after my shift with my favorite chocolate in your hand or surprise me with sunflowers in a pot after a tiring rehearsal—GOSH! That would definitely melt me in a puddle of love—what will I do? Do I just say, “Hey, you. What’s up? What are you doing here? Are you crazy?” or do I run and wrap my arms around you and bury my face in your chest and let the world around me disappear and allow myself to devour your scent and get lost with the moment as if time and space does not exist? How do you tell someone you miss them so baaaad that they could actually feel the ache you feel, they will show up in your doorstep right.this.very.minute?


Oh, Dear Love. Here you again. Driving me like crazycakes, making me feel excited, giving me hope, and leaving me wanting.

Yip. That’s Quezzy Claire Martin-Pedregosa for you, everyone.


February 14, 2015.

15:00 sentiments

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