Call me Qz and I’m a thespian.

I am a member of a University-Theater called The USA Little Theater—the  resident theater company of University of San Agustin, Iloilo—headed by Mr. Eric Divinagracia, Artistic director. As a member, I was able to undergo workshops, leadership trainings, direct plays, choreograph, train actors, travel, research and of course, perform.

I feel like I can live a life of steady pressure. Chasing deadlines, pitching endless possible ideas for an art show, even sleepless nights of rehearsal. As long as I’m doing what I love and what I believe I’m good at, that, for me is living a boozeworthy life.

But the life of a student-actor isn’t always about performance or fame, and that’s what I’m here for. I want to share the sentiments of a theater-actor in a University. The things (dramas) we go through, the moments we’ve shared, what inspires us and I’d even like to write about tips on surviving a college-theater. This blog is dedicated to the younger generations of USALT—The company who has helped me grow as an artist, the company I fell in love with—and to it’s current members.

(or I will find time for that)

Lately I have been busy living my life outside the comfort of my theater, thus, most of my blog post is about love and lost. I decided to create a blog after graduation since my work does not involve much theater and I long for a place to vent and rant. So here are my gooey thoughts and my inspiration for my theater performances.

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